Release - Smoke & The Earthtones

Smoke & The Earthtones (2021)

Bill Rotella

"Smoke & The Earthtones" is Bill Rotella's 14th studio album. Written and recorded during quarantine 2020, this album contains 11 new songs and a bonus track written by Bill's father and recorded by Slim Whitman in 1960. Grounded from cancelled tours, The Earthtones recorded in the round and really captured the feel and sound of the '70's. Also available on vinyl.

"Bill Rotella combines lyrical prowess with slick guitars and solid grooves on Smoke & The Earthtones. A good retro listen."
RC Media

"Smoke & The Earthtones delivers the vintage sound of cool California Rock."
Pam Baumgardner -

"'The Other Side' single is blistering. This is socio-political fisticuffswith the soulful power of Jackson Browne and Bruce Cockburn"
Harry Watters - Wavelength LA

"Americana fans will appreciate this artist."
Music Connection

Bill Rotella (ft. Amber Olve) - Amber and Smoke (Lyric Video)

"Amber and Smoke" from my 20 song compilation album "River of Smoke" and "Riverbound" by Amber & Smoke.

Bill Rotella - The Other Side (Lyric Video)

"Bill Rotella's "The Other Side" single is blistering....... Rotella delivers his message with bluesy riffing, an ominous harmonica, and a country-rock locomotive backbeat. This is socio-political fisticuffs with the soulful power of Jackson Browne and Bruce Cockburn." - Harry Watters, Wavelength LA.  

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Bill Rotella - Only Love Is Real (Lyric Video)

"Only Love Is Real" is the 2nd single from Bill Rotella's Smoke & The Earthtones album.

Hear tracks from the "All Roads Lead Home" album on this Eagles documentary

"River of Smoke" ~ A 20 song collection

River Of Smoke (2020)

Bill Rotella

"River of Smoke" is a retrospective collection of 20 songs from Bill's last 6 albums. The title track was written and recorded during the 2020 COVID quarantine.