New Album - Home (2022)

Home (2022)

Bill Rotella

I was getting ready to share 9 new songs on a new album titled "XV", it being my 15th album. Then a drawing by my young granddaughterled to a 10th song and a new album title, “Home”. This album may catch a few listeners by surprise with its horns, Hawaiian guitars and touch of salsa along side my usual picking and strumming. Hope you enjoy the new album!

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Do Me Good - The 1st single from the new album 'home'

Do Me Good (2022)

Bill Rotella

Hey Friends, summer is on the doorstep! I remember being in the backyard hanging by the cement pond hearing my dad blow his horns from the studio attached to the garage. Especially that baritone sax. Those were good days. So, I went back again to write this song. Come on and "hop in the seat, roll down the window and turn up the radio". Hope this helps open the door to your great summer.

Forever Seventeen - The 2nd single from the new album 'Home'

Forever Seventeen (2022)

Bill Rotella

Dedicated to all the great high school girlfriends we guys were fortunate to have had. It seems we never forget the firsts. Our first ball game, the first album we bought, first girlfriend, first love, and… the first one that got away. Some things, and some people, we never forget. "They’re tucked inside our memories. There were no guarantees but you and I will be forever seventeen."

Listen - The 3rd single from the new album 'Home'

Listen (2022)

Bill Rotella

My great and groovy engineer Kevin Fisher and I had a good time cooking up this new song that started on my ukulele then somehow ended up in a Latin blender.

Bill Rotella

Bill Rotella, a singer-songwriter from Ventura County, California, recently released ‘Do Me Good’, the first single from his 15th album ‘Home’ (Release date 9/1/22). ‘Home’ is a collection of 10 songs that feature some of Bill Rotella’s, aka ‘Smoke’, most diverse songwriting.

Bill Rotella didn’t have to go far to find his musical inspiration. He was exposed to exceptional musical talent within his own family. Hearing his father’s songs sung by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and his dad’s saxophone and woodwinds on Steely Dan and Frank Zappa albums, listening to his Uncle’s famous arrangements for the Glenn Miller Band, hearing his mother’s classical piano and his sister’s flute in concerts and films, he was being fed a steady diet of great music from great musicians. He was inspired. But it would be a few years before he began to write or perform. He first played drums but it didn’t allow him to write and sing the music he was beginning to hear. It wasn’t until college, when Bill put down the drumsticks and picked up a guitar, that he began writing his own music. Now, 4 bands and 14 albums later, Bill Rotella’s 15th album, ‘Home’ will be released this Fall.

Smoke & The Earthtones (2021)

Smoke & The Earthtones (2021)

Bill Rotella

"Smoke & The Earthtones" is Bill Rotella's 14th studio album. Written and recorded during quarantine 2020, this album contains 11 new songs and a bonus track written by Bill's father and recorded by Slim Whitman in 1960. Grounded from cancelled tours, The Earthtones recorded in the round and really captured the feel and sound of the '70's. Also available on vinyl.

"Bill Rotella combines lyrical prowess with slick guitars and solid grooves on Smoke & The Earthtones. A good retro listen."
RC Media

"Smoke & The Earthtones delivers the vintage sound of cool California Rock."
Pam Baumgardner -

"'The Other Side' single is blistering. This is socio-political fisticuffswith the soulful power of Jackson Browne and Bruce Cockburn"
Harry Watters - Wavelength LA

"Americana fans will appreciate this artist."
Music Connection

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My friend Shawn Bouyer drew 5 beautiful illustrations while listening to ‘Wishing Well’ from the Smoke & The Earthtones album. I’m honored to share them in this video. Her illustrations put to my music represent the story perfectly. I hope you enjoy this intergenerational and interracial message. Combining art and music can certainly tell a story. More of her art can be viewed on IG @shawnbouyer.

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