Bill's New Album - Now Available

River Of Smoke (2020)

Bill Rotella

"River of Smoke" is a retrospective collection of 20 songs from Bill's last 6 albums. Bill wrote the title song during the 2020 COVID quarantine.

Bill Rotella - Wandering Heart (Live)

Bill Rotella - Dragonfly (Live)

OGGI e' OGGI (Today is today)

Filmed in Jaco, Costa Rica 
Produced, directed and filmed by Carlos and Kaitlyn @ Nomad Art Studio 
Italian beauty:  Cecilia Aquaroli


Filmed in Maui, Hawaii and Jaco, Costa Rica 
Directed, produced and filmed by Michael Long @ Hue Films 
Additional editing by Russell Glasgow 
Video Assistance by Martin Fera and Jennifer Driggers-Tolentino 
Beautiful child:  Viola Rotella-Thiry