Bill Rotella


Bill Rotella
Bill Rotella


I’ve been sleepin’ longer than I really want to

I’ve been actin’ wronger  than I really ought to

I’ve been hangin’ out in all the wrong places

Drinkin’ all weekend and actin’ pretty shameless


I ‘ve been livin’ like there might be no tomorrow

I’ve been drinkin’ every dollar I can borrow

I’ve been hearin’ my behaviors outrageous

That’s O.K I’m not the first to be shameless                 


Shameless, you can say I’m that

                  Dangerous, hey now that’s a fact

                  Blameless, I’m really not to blame

                  Since she’s been gone I’m shameless

Shameless every day


I’ve been hangin’ out wakin’ up where ever

I’ve been tellin’ lies to girls I can’t remember

My friends are actin’ like I’m contagious

They’d better stay away I’m still shameless



Tell me why I’m the guy who’s torn in two

Cuz every night I lose my mind it helps I’ve got nothing left to lose