Bill Rotella

Back At It Again

Bill Rotella
Bill Rotella


I remember it well I wasn’t very young my father said “what the hell you doing son”?

You’re just wastin’ your life playin’ guitar sleepin’ ‘til noon

Got a job but I just couldn’t hang so I quit the very next day

Threw my guitar in my van and I got back at it again

Later on when I was only 31 the girl who said she loved me said the time had come

Said I was chasin’ a dream that passed me long ago

So I kissed her goodbye and I hit the road to rediscover the trouble I used to know

She came and went now I’m back at it again

                  One by one another day flies by

I’m gonna live my life or I’m gonna die tryin’

If I lose my who, what, why or when

I just get right back at it again

I told myself I’d never be the one holds a hundred different women like some dudes I know

But that’s who I was ‘til I thought I met the one

So I burned my book and closed my eyes ‘til she tried to turn me into some other guy

I’ve got some love to spend now I’m back at it again


The boys in the band all went different ways I was left to figure out what I was meant to play

So many years passed then out of the blue it came

The telephone rang and on the other end was old bud who sang with me way back when

I knew right then we were getting’ back at it again

Sometimes we blame our fortunes on our own bad luck it don’t matter if we fall but if we get back up

I’m standin’ here today in front of you to testify

If you’re lookin’ for a rebel I’m your poster child had to get out of Dodge for a very long while

I f you know me now you wouldn’t want to know me then they say I fell off the wagon but I got back in

It was just another fight I had to win to get back again

Makin’ music with my friends we’re back at it again