Bill Rotella

The NEW Amber & Smoke album, "RIVERBOUND" was just released. Click the album cover below to listen and download.    

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Click the sketch below to hear and download my 2017 release "amber and smoke" featuring Amber Olive on select tracks. 


            Illustration by Guy Farrow @ Victory Art 

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Featuring beautiful Hawaiian children, my granddaughter and beautiful Maui and Costa Rica.




Watch music video "OGGI e' OGGI" 

featuring Cecelia Aquaroli and the beaches of Costa Rica 




Remembering Johnny Rotella

November 4, 1920 - September 11, 2014.


I really enjoyed singin' at the legendary Cafe' Wha in New York City.

Tryin' out new tunes in Music City......Nashville, Tennessee T


Amber Olive and I dug sharin' the stage with Grammy Award winner and Hall of Fame singer-songwriter Paul Overstreet.











Click above to watch the video for Monterosso!



Click above to watch the music video for When You Left, Everything Went Right!